The Classic Cup 1v1 Series is a year long tournament featuring top international players for Age of Empires 1: Definitive Edition. There are 6 stages to the series leading up to the grand championship. Each stage focuses on a single civilization and a single map, creating opportunities for skilled players to demonstrate their superiorer understanding of situational games each tournament.  The brackets are single elimination. Players earn points in each stage, earning better seeding for themselves as they compete throughout the year. The grand championship leans heavily on these points as a basis for player position. Each stage also has a cash prize granted to the finalists.


The Stages

The purpose of each stage having only one civ and map allows for a proper evaluation of players skill. By reducing the variance between games to a minimum, players must consistently demonstrate mastery of that setting to get to the top. A single stage of the tournament is open to all for the qualifiers. But only the best players will make it to the top 16, with the top 8 seeded players in the season getting a bye through the qualifiers to the ‘best of 16’ bracket. Being one of these ‘great 8’ players ensures that one has easy access to the next stages finals. This tournament format paves the way for a ‘king of the hill’ style season. The best players must be overthrown in order for others to have success and make it to the great 8, if they aren't overthrown it is a clear demonstration of their superior skill. The great 8 also receive this seeding benefit going into the grand championship. With far more prestige and cash on the line, players will be vying for the top spots all year long

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