Announcing Carnage in Carthage

Classic Cup season 1 returns with the final stage before the Championship!

Welcome everyone to stage 6 of our season, this tournament will be Carthage mirror on Mediterranean! I look forward to seeing speedy transports sending villagers, slingers, and elephants to their doom.

For Players: click HERE to see the rulebook and go HERE to join the discord.


Mediterranean provides a neat interface for gameplay by having river and non-river variants. When rivers are in play, crossing provide choke points which can lead extended games. Medi is a map in which bronze ages can be reached given the plentiful fish in the center with distinct economies - land and sea.


Carth's tech is certainly geared towards Iron Age play, with camels, elephants, and hoplites being a big focus. Carth is a gold dependent civ for land combat in the later stages of the game, so should a game develop into the bronze age, players will quickly be trying to secure their gold mines. The emphasis should remain on wood, however, for most of the game, seeing as how control of the sea will be a primary focus for much of the games.

I expect tool rushes to be a primary focus of the game play. Personally, I hope we see players utilizing priests due to Carth's inherent weakness to them. Who is excited to see speed boat transports?

Looking forward to seeing you all there!


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