Announcing Fight of the Hittite

The epic battle continues with the Fight of the Hittite. Stage 5 of the Classic Cup brings contestants to inland with the Hittite civ. Will axe rushes be successful or will the Hittite bowman reign supreme? All signups are live NOW through October 21st. Be sure to sign up fast to guarantee your spot in the open quals. Be sure to read the full rulebook and then head over to the Classic Cup discord or the AoEZone post to signup.


Example of Inland map generation

This map has some of the highest 'randomness' of the DE map pool. With both crossing and non-crossing variants, scouting will be critical in assuming the optimal strategies both offensively and defensively. Crossings will play a critical role as those choke points can be utilized to great effect. One of the major strategic opportunities are the 'deep' seas. When water becomes deep water, it has a higher fish count. These deep seas are randomly placed throughout inland maps so a player with easy access to this powerful food source will need to lock it down early. Expect many players to place importance on both the protection and destruction of fishing boat economies.


Hittite civilization bonuses

Hittite adds another element of strategy to the inland map. With the exceptional ship range expect sea battles to be of critical value. The ability to apply pressure deep into the mainland with the scout ship and war galley adds great strategical depth to river and sea control.

The lack of slinger is very notable here as well, while other civs might naturally progress into massive tool age slinger wars, players will not have that option in this tournament. This means the other units on the tool roster could have a chance to shine. In the previous tournament, Duel in the Desert, we saw scouts take on a prominent role due to the openness of the map. With the extra damage on bowman in the tool age, axe and scout rushes might have limited success. This could lead to more bronze games in the tournament, although personally I would expect many games to be extended tool wars.

Thanks and get hyped for this stage of the Classic Cup :)



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