Tokyo Ghoul takes Em Be 5 - 3 in Assyria in Ashes Final!

Updated: Jul 21, 2019

In a stunning display of skill, Tokyo managed to fend off defending champ Em Be in an epic series. This set showed some of the highest level play we have seen so far in the Classic Cup series.

A moment from game 3 in this epic series

Watch the games here!

With Assyria in Ashes finished, what can we expect next?

Stage 4 of the series will bring us a new frontier in the Classic Cup. An infamous map on DE, Oasis, will be the stomping grounds for contestants in Duel in the Desert! With Sumer at the forefront of the fight, their high HP villagers will prove resilient against early rushes. Meanwhile a scramble for the scarce food on the map will be the primary focus of the tournament. Stay tuned for more Classic Cup action!

- WW

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